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Telephone Matching Service

How can Telephone Matching help digital advertisers promote better?

Telephone matching is nothing but cross-verifying phone numbers of customers from an advertiser’s database. This is a very important procedure for telemarketing purposes. Telemarketing allows marketers to talk with prospective candidates directly and promote various products as well as services. Moreover, this type of advertising is applicable to almost every industry. Telephone matching makes sure that all the customers’ numbers are up-to-date as well as authentic. It facilitates a smooth promotional procedure.

Moreover, the Telephone Matching Service also carries out deduplication services to prevent any future re-work. When marketers have up-to-date information about various prospects from several industries, they are better able to promote the appropriate goods and services. Furthermore, the Business Phone Service expands the promotional outreach for advertisers. In light of constantly evolving market situations, this service stands out as a firm pillar of stability.


Why Choose our Telephone Matching solutions?

At B2B Data Services, we provide solutions to optimize the marketing efforts of our clients. We firmly believe in having investable market data for every industry for a fruitful advertising campaign. Moreover, our data scientists compile the mailing lists after a thorough research into demographics, population density, economics together with GDP. Such a meticulous approach guarantees clients that our services are market-worthy right off the bat. Additionally, after we append the consumer data, we append it to include industry-specific segmentations to further assist marketers.
All of these features are a testament to our devotion and dedication to helping marketers conduct a successful multichannel marketing campaign.


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Our Data Matching Services Include :