B2B Data Matching

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We offer B2B Data Matching services because B2B Data Services is well aware of the importance that data plays in strengthening a business. This is also one reason why, while conducting B2B Data Matching, we assure that none of your valuable data gets misplaced from your dataset.

Following are the steps involved in our B2B Data Matching Service:

1. Database of Client’s Company

All the records related to the business and that requires matching and appending are collected. Later, the information is transferred to our data appending and updating team, where our specially trained professionals make use of automated as well as manual processes to further verify them.

2. Comparison with our Master Dataset

Once the files are picked by our appending specialists, they are made to undergo complete formatting procedures. Our master dataset consists of millions of records which are compared against our client’s archives. Whenever any address, name or business tallies with our database, immediately the contact detail is updated into client’s file. This process is continued until and unless all the contacts are exhausted.

3. Manual Verification

To guarantee that nothing falls short in our B2B Data Matching Service, we further ask our verification team to conduct manual authentication. One by one, each of the selected and updated email addresses are not only validated but even their deliverability is tested.

4. Sending Opt-in Messages to Customers

Announced under the CAN-SPAM act, a general message is sent out to all the contacts that have been validated. Doing so, not only allows our client to conduct email communication but as well permits the customer to opt-out of the mailing lists, if desired.

5. Final Update

Once all the above steps are completed, the final database is re-verified and reformed before handing it over to our client.

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