Manufacturing Industry Reaches its Peak with Quality Lead Generation and Email Deliverability!!


The company is a manufacturing industry, a diversified conglomerate with operations in over 6 countries and brand-presence in more than 15 markets around the world. They are a diversified organization, which operates across sectors such as healthcare and life sciences, automotive, financial services, and real estate. Their strong point of getting customers is through quality lead generation and direct marketing. There are no second thoughts that the company facing the business scarcity.


In the early 80s, the company has evolved from a textile-centric business to a diversified organization. During the late 90s, there was a significant drop in the firm’s market share to other competitive resources.

The major obstacles were:

  • No quality leads were generated
  • There were no automated processes for different data sources; whether it be operations, sales or marketing
  • Missing information and ineffective management of customer data had led to blunders
  • Less customer interaction and failing of campaign due to excessive bounce rates


After checking out B2B Data Services’ massive success with other industries and in B2B marketing, the company contacted us. After an extensive research and analysis and seeing the present volatile market, our analysis suggested the following options:

  • To attract new leads with minimal costs
  • Create successful campaigns with zero bounce rates within a limited timeline, so that it reaches the right person’s inbox within no time
  • Provision for right and accurate data through our contact appending and cleansing techniques


The company again reached at its peak globally, in terms of revenue with the following observance:

  • 46% reduction in cost by streamlining lead generation through effective lead generation tool
  • Post campaign tracking of campaigns helped the team to reduce the bounce rates by 90%. This also improved email deliverability rates by 24%
  • Improved customer relationships by regular effective email communication
  • Gained accurate and fresh data of customers


“B2B Data Services has been an invaluable resource to our country – providing candid inputs and sage counsel. The marketing team was brilliant at its work and their services were intangible. The knowledge and expertise, the team has is commendable. Because of their professionalism and customer centric approach, I highly recommend their services.”
- Mark Jackson
- AVP – Marketing, NJ

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+1 888-538-5188
14 Wall Street, 20th Floor, Manhattan, New York, 10005

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