Social Media Integration

 Social Media Integration
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Social Media Integration

Possessing an effective Social Media Integration plan is important as now-a-days interested consumers are interacting with enterprises and brands through social Media. We at B2B Data Services note this seriously and have created a bunch of Social Media for Business solutions so as to provide our customers with websites that are not only visitor-appealing but as well apply a number of social media networks to maintain branding targets and marketing communication.


  • Branding done effectively on all social media platforms

    Social Media Services have played a pivotal role in branding of business. According to Social Media, today, 83% of customers prefer to connect to various brands on Facebook and 53% on Twitter.

  • Effortless customer acquisition through social media

    Enterprises across the globe have taken to Marketing with Social Media as in current time, more than half of the world's population is connected online and registered with different social media platforms, resulting in increasing chances of acquiring customers through marketing on social media websites.

  • Enjoy the advantage of direct customer interaction

    Social Media Services are designed in a way that it provides an open platform to directly interact with your customers. Moreover, Social Media Strategy for Businesses can attract customers by engaging them with some interactive methods like Question and Answers, Polls, etc.

  • Generate more leads/sales through Social Media

    The most important aspect of Social Media Marketing is generating leads and thus increasing sales to the businesses. "A survey by Social Media today revealed that 71% of Social Media users are more likely to purchase products from brands that they are connected on social media websites". Thus proving again, that Social Media Services can really boost your business and sales.

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